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Ow My G, O, 6:06
Time for you to taste my drinks
Here I am a Lizzy Lynx
Like Butler Services On gigs
History slash her stories
Mixing with some harmonyx
And on top spiritualityx
Whatsoever politix

1939 – The Kigs
Total Neutralityx
Carol II – He’s the prince
But sudden change in politix
Iron Guard – The Allies
Early XX centuryx
Reinforcing the fascists
Axis Power in 40 s

1941 – Nazix
Puting Down Ro’s Economyx
Antonescu, Yea, They Dicks
There was a Jewish Tragedyx
0000 and 26 (260.000)
We give our oil to germanyx
We give equipment, petrolix
The allies droppin bumba clicks

And I read Mark Axworthy x
Europe second army
Was our own, romaniannces
Not Italian army ses
Mars above in September six
On 21 of Januaryx
Saturn cutting with its rings
So double trouble to double dinx
Burning Faya Phoenixes
We rising up from the ashes
Still eagles on the obelisks
And poor Romania, such a twix
El Union Sovietix
Lucky us, the Jassy Chiks
That Kishinev came in the mix
In 44 till june the six
Sovietic offenses
East Affront destroyed Axis
That’s the way Moldavia kicks
Ts a bigger force than army six
We dimished germanyx
Being free to Balkanix
East, South Romania Winks
And Victory Aliance Wins
So 44 – A lucky twist
Antonescu, yeah, dismissed
Michael The King a mighty bliss
And we still got Transilvania mist.

We just wanna party gurl
Party just for you ( only for you gurl)
We just want the money gurl ( You want a Ferrari?)
Money just for you ( Yeah all the money for you gurl)
I know you wanna party gurl
Party just for me
Yeah Boy you got me dancing ( I promise you the world)
Dance and shake the frame, yow yow

But I found ( Oh I’m just so happy now)
I found some love ( I love you baby)
I found some love

Baby I just wanna ask you something about your ways Can you answer me ?
Why you Just staring at me like that ?

This is Romania
Don’t catch you slippin’now
Don’t catch you slippin’
Look how I’m whippin’now ( Ey! )
This is Romania
And Transylvania
Mystical zone, mystical aria ( Aye! Shhha’ )

Yeah yeah, I fucked it in the deep
Yeah yeah, I fucked it up with a dick ( bluff)
Yeah yeah, this is Dracula (Whooopa)
Yeah yeah, Vlad Tepes is lurking and I gotta carry him ( Fuck )

Yeah yeah, They got no soul
Yeah yeah, Psycho Narco
Yeah yeah, Chameleon
Yeah yeah, sex at the dawn
Yeah yeah, leave me alone
Yeah yeah, Don Dale Don
Yeah yeah, no emoción

Uuuuu Tell somebody!
You gonna talk somebody
Grandma told me getcha money bebe
Getcha money bebe
Getcha money bebe

89 – This is Romania ( Ceausescu Badass) Social Economico ( Japanese Style)
Nessun perdedor you know ( Romania rich)
Y el cerro era rico !
Bang bang!
Eso es Romania ( On your cross)
Don’t catch you slippin’ now
Don’t catch you beggin’ no! ( Don’t do that shit)
Look what I’m whippin’up
Look how I’m kickin’ up Ey’
I’m so fitted ( Yeah Yeah)
I’m on Tutu ( turututu)
I’m so pretty ( pretty)
Imma get it ( get it get it get it )
Watch me move ( muevete)
This is celly celly celly
That’s the tool ( tool)
On my kodak ( mixed)
Know that ( yeah yeah)
Get it get it get work it 21
Psd psd psd-i jocu’
Hai sa-l castigam bata-l-ar norocu’
Esto es social democratico
Dragnea muevete diplomatico

Je vous prie, Monsieur, de vous donner la peine de vous asseoir.

Romania !
La risa en lo social es muy importante
Romania !
La risa es lo mejor medicina
Romania !
Somos uno, un corazon un corazon haha
La risa para siempre (bebe)

1,2,3 get down

You modafokas ow me
You modafokas ow me ( chiki chiki Chuck Noriss)
You modafokas ow me( chiki Jackie Chan
You modafokas ow me

Like that like that
She likes it right here right now in her pocket

J pardon

I touch the air point
Yo toco el aire
El aire de la libertad (Fierce)
That’s totally another level
Princess, (Elite)
Not Cinderella though
Azteca Latina Vera
Black Beauty
She’s a Godess (99%)
Kali – Mahakala Ujjain
Y Jerusalem


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