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Can I, baby? Can I, baby?
Can I, baby? Can I, baby?

I hope you ain’t nothing like my old friends
Or any other women that I had
I know I’m better than your ex-boyfriend
Or any other n*ggas from the past
Can I take you where I learned the game from?
Show you why I act the way I act
Lately, I’ve been on a f*cking marathon
Running to the motherf*cking cash
I’m liking how you make a brother laugh
Can I come and get you in a Jag?
Then, hit it in the backseat of the Jag
Baby girl, I know you like my swag

‘Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the f*ck you want to be

I’m just so excited that I’m free
Sometimes, it be feeling like a dream
Can a young brother get some sleep?
Lately, I’ve been working over 3
Mama told me, “Son, I never hear from you”
Cook something, you don’t even eat
Mama, I’m just trying to make a mil’ for you
Put you in a condo on the beach

‘Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the f*ck you want to be

Why they just can’t let a n*gga be?
I’ve been busy, I’ve been doing me
Have you thinking I’ve been with the Zoe pound
Me and all my n*ggas come in deep
On the ground, young ten toes down
I can put a n*gga on his feet
I caught the Audi, then I ran the check up
And, I ain’t even been out here a week
Got my shooter playing hide and seek
Just in case you n*ggas try and creep
Everybody wanna be your friend now
Better watch the company you keep
Everybody got they f*cking hand out
See you eating now they want a piece
Oh, that’s Kodak Black, I’ve been hearing bout’
He the hottest n*gga in the streets
If you love me, love a n*gga deep
When you see me, what you really see?
To everybody else, I was a sour guy
But, I be treating you a little sweet
I’m so close to showing her my real side
Show this girl another side of me
I think we’ve been getting along real fine
You love it when I hit it on the beach
I’ve been working hard, ain’t got no spare time
I can’t even party on the week
I’m just trying to see where your head at
When you grow up, what you wanna be?
Run up on a n*gga, where the bread at?
I be going ham for the cheese
I just wanna see all of my n*ggas home
They can’t wait to get back on the streets
I just talked to Jackboy on collect phone
He told me he ain’t trying to take the plea

For my n*ggas, I’ll swim across the sea

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