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Here I am tryna’ write a classic
A real banger to move the masses
But I’m stuck, all my lyrics are about you
All these beats but nothing that fits
How does Max Martin write a great hit?
Cause I’m stuck, all my songs are about you

Your laugh’s the chords I play
My killer hook baby
Got you on repeat all day
When I’m lonely lonely lonely lonely
You’re in my perfect key
No higher than a G
My killer hook baby
When I’m lonely lonely lonely lonely

Everything just sounds so cheesy
Inspiration don’t come easy
Such a crime, I just can’t find a good rhyme
Should this be a big cliché pop song?
Or an indie acoustic sing along?
I’m stuck , I need more time

If I could be Max Martin for a day
I’d be chilling in Sweden far away
If I could be Max Martin for one day
I’d have all the right words to make you stay

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