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Versuri KAZKA – NOBODY LIKE YOU lyrics

NOBODY LIKE YOU versuri Kazka

Feel my love
Kill the lights make our bodies burn
Look at what we started

Bite your tongue
Let that fire talk, don’t make a sound
I will understand

Let me see your stitches and your scars
Show me who you are
Tell me where you come from
Drag me through your ocean to the deep
Wake me from my sleep
Wake me from my sleep

Nobody can love me, nobody like you
Nobody can feel me, nobody like you
Nobody can touch on my body like you
Would you be mine if I make you come true
I promise I could die for somebody like you
Feeling so alive with somebody like you
I only got one heart but you break it in two
When I realize there’s nobody like you
Like you

Now’s your time
If you read in between my lines
I’ll be your addiction

Touch and tell
Be the melody inside my head
I won’t turn you down

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