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And I just lost my mind
I can’t believe it
All I ever think about is what I know I’ll never be
I’m having nightmares when I close my eyes of me dead in the street
Please let my sacrificial blood drip on this motherf*ckin beat damn
All I ever wanted was a second, a minute to kill it
They feeling the realest and the n*ggas that ever do it
I prove it, I’m about to lose it
Confusing while pursuing
A dream that was unattainable
Really wasn’t explainable
They tell me never take it in vain
Not to explain the game
Or what it means to go follow a dream
I’ve seen many give up when the road got tough
Figure that nobody really gives a f*ck
N*gga, what do you expect? Respect?
You got to understand I’ll be coming at your motherf*cking neck
And you better to cook a rep
But that if you want to make it to the top
Realize that the pain don’t stop
Got to formulate the plot and the plan I’m hoping you understand
Your destiny is in the palm of your hand
And control the road that you know you wanna play
Your focus and dedication will never leave you astray
To display the realest of any passion
You were never relaxing
Asking what it takes to finally get a break
The mistake that most people will make
Is believing sh*t is real when it was actually fake
Can I vent upon the page?
And try to give you the pain
Paint the picture of the problem that resides in the brain
With the man that was living with the sanity
Is anyone understanding me?
Vanity is the curse
My happiness is in the hearse
I disperse the lyrical content that you converse
Immerse inside a verse tell me to depict my hurt
But first ima be honest abolishing any ignorance
I’m polishing the flow and demolishing any evidence
The truth has been distorted
They know it that I’ll be peddling and passing my competition
Habitual repetition and with the way I kill it
They want me to get convicted
I bet they start a petition
But I built the definition of actual tunnel vision
I mention on getting a shot
But never the penicillin I’m willing to bust my ass
If opportunities are given you gotta be f*cking kidding
I’m dying to make a difference, they lying to make a living
I can read between the lines in the motherf*ckin sentence
So you are never concern or be preaching within my words
Sacrifice or repentance but not internally burn

Try to make a hit off this anguish that I claim
I put my life inside these lyrics hoping that you can see my pain
With all this agony I feel, I think that I’m going insane
To live forever through the music that’s all that I want to attain
I guess it all depends on a mindstate that a young motherf*cker n*gga’s really in DAMN! (3x)
I sit with my thoughts
The page and the pen
I write about life and how it all ends

I got to take my time, so I can murder your mind
To find in the peace, that the n*gga never felt
But nobody ever helps they can never comprehend
The illest of illustration that was given with a pen
And the depiction of my vision was given with the description
But never a contradiction admitting to my addiction
Is only giving me friction, go and get a prescription
I know it’s not the answer, the last man standing
Is the man in the ransom, and mutilate the game
Insane like Charles Manson, going off of on a tangent

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