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Versuri Justin Bieber – At Least For Now lyrics

At Least For Now versuri Justin Bieber

I’m concerned when you look at my face
You’re excited for no reason
I look lost with a drink in my hand
What you think is fair ain’t even even
It’s cold outside from my expression
Take the scarf and wrap it around my neck
Loosen up my tie

At least for now
Trying to avoid disappointment
At least for now
One finger at a time I turn the pages yeah

Right leg crossed while you’re smoking a cigarette
Camera’s on the couch ain’t nobody taking pictures
Throw my arms around you bear witness
The stripes on my shirt can you read between the lines?
You sip champagne while I sip on red wine
Never mind me watching you never mind the tension
Please excuse me while I dance I forgot to mention
I’m going on strike

At least for now
Trying to avoid disappointment
At least for now

Yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah-yeah
Yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah
Yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah-yeah
At least for now at least for now oh

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