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Orange Magic versuri Julia Michaels

I drove through love so fast
I wracked up speeding tickets
Now that’s finished
I drank a glass of ginger
Now my head is spinning
With you in it

I’ll never forget your Beamer
Coming down my street to
Pick me up on a date
I didn’t know I was hungry
For someone to love me
Til you were on the plate

Orange magic
In your eyes, on my mind
Orange magic
Butterflies, a thousand kinds
A new fabric, I can climb on top
And break it in
Again again again

I took apart my couch cushions looking for my feelins
Now I’m in em
Hey I was land locked
Held down by my bad decisions
Now I’m swimmin

I’ll never forget your Beamer
Coming up my street now
I’ll never be the same ay
Cause I’m deep in….

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