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Versuri JT Music – SOLDIER VS PHARAH RAP BATTLE (Overwatch vs TF2) lyrics


Ten-hut maggots! That’s an order
I’m gonna blow up this track – with my knack for mortars
At the end of this war you will have no quarter
So you best retreat ’cause I’m blasting forward
I’m racking up kills so efficiently
My weapon’s heavy yet I have skilled mobility
‘Cause I’m a rocket man – but I won’t burn out my fuse
Haven’t stoopped battling since World War II
And they rejected me from the army?!
I’m a one man militia – must be why they didn’t want me
I’ve killed a lot of Nazis – call it my hobby
And where y were you Pharah? Crying for mommy?! Boo hoo
Pain is weakness leaving the body
It’s nothing to me ’cause I’m a rocket jockey
I cant take a little Flak – look who can fly now
Don’t give her a rifle – she might shoot her eye out
See this rocket launcher? I’m self taught with it
Beware my massive splash damage, don’t get caught in it
On second thought I could’ve fathered you darlin’
But when your jets fail, I won’t honor the fallen

Careful old man, you’re not ready for this
You couldn’t find a helmet that even fits
So find it no surprise that you steadily miss
The only soldier I know is 76
Now buckle up coward, I’ll show you power
I respect veterans, not stolen valor
What kind of soldier works alone?
You should turn yourself over to a nursing home
I fight for justice, you kill for slaughter
I’ve been decorated with so many medals of honor
Like my mother and father and their mother and father
You’re not a dad but I’ll make you cannon fodder
Rocket jumping sounds dangerous
You must be a masochist if pain is bliss
So I guess you asked for this, I’ll aim and just
Blast you back 10 years when your game’s a hit
Welcome to the future, I’ve got a jetpack
You’ve been living in the past, you should get back
Now your sings shall be paid for with blood
I’m a goddess and justice reigns from above

I once killed a man with a god complex
Was he responsible for the holocaust? Yes!
Call this your dishonorable discharge
You won’t even see it coming “Is this just a drill sarge?!”
Call yourself a goddess? Now I’m atheist
But there’s no better title than a patriot
I’ll kill you with this shovel then dig your grave with it
There ain’t no place you’re safe from my blast radius
So fly against me – come try to end me
You’ll find out why these skies aren’t friendly
Your fuel’s running low and so is your luck
Gliding around – might as well be a sitting duck
I’ll drop you before you even start a rocket barrage
The only barrage from you will be your body – in parts
If I was her dad, this brat – I would never let her fly
Stand down, let me fight that 76 guy

You’re so beneath me, you could use a boost
When I’m done you’re gonna wish you flew the coop
If I taught you how to fly, it would be a crash course
Thanks for your service – that nobody asked for
How do your rockets stack up – you have four?
Loading one by one is not fast, can you add more?
You don’t wanna waste any, be careful with them
‘Cause it won’t take long till my tank’s full again
Back into the fray, knockin’ tangos down
I can’t even count how many I’m layin’ out
When I’m rockin’ my Raptora – I’m superior
You’re a dinosaur, I’m a meteor
You’re not a part of any army, squad or corps
And your pathetic base – I would not call a fort
Running low onammo you cannot at all afford
Clearly you never read the art of war


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