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Put Me Back Together versuri JT Music

What are we?

Whatever we are, whatever you thought you knew about us…
Was a lie

I’d like to get to know you
Something about this feels right
So even if it’s only for a moment
Would you join me here tonight

I’ll never leave you in the dark
I’ll keep a light on
And I’ve already seen your scars
No need to hide ’em
I know tonight’s full of sorrow
But don’t loose sight of tomorrow
If I bend and break I know you’ll make it better
Cause you put me back together

You make me whole
When you put me back together
You’re in my soul
Even though I’ve got a bite, don’t be scarred of my bark
Long as I am by your side, have no fear of the dark
If they tear us apart, I’ll be there in your heart forever
Now that we’re back together
Now that we’re back together

At first our connection
Was only virtual
But ever since then, it’s been
Becoming something personal
Now I feel like you are part of me
Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be
I knew from the start I’d have you in my heart forever
When you put me back together

I’ll make you mine
Come on and put me back together
You give me life
I’ve done the same song and dance plenty of times
Never thought I’d ever fill my empty inside
Till you picked up the pieces, now it’s you and me forever
Now that we’re back together

I could sing a happy song
But it doesn’t heal the pain
I would never do you wrong
Trust is more than just a game
I feel like a prisoner
Trapped deep within this cell
Maybe I’ve got the key
To free you from this hell
My Iron will was strong
Till it rusted in the rain
But by now it’s been so long, it’s time to reignite this flame
Just forget the past and cast aside their lies
Now shed your mask, there’s nothing left to hide
And you’ll see it in my eyes

I’m never leaving you behind
Now that I have you
I’ll never let the party die
If I don’t have to
I just wanna hear you sing and it would be a delight
The opportunity is waiting if you see it you bite
Only wanted your help so I’m not by myself forever
You put me back together

You put me back together
I try not to remember
The times that I have been hurt
I’ll find nobody better than you
To put me back together

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