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Versuri JT Music ft. Andrea Storm Kaden – Told You So (AMONG US SONG) lyrics

Told You So (AMONG US SONG) versuri JT Music

Trust is tough to find, so why’d I trust you?
Don’t know what I was doin’
Clearly you didn’t hear me say I’m one of you
Excuses, excuses
Inside them in to the either
You’re still onboard, pointing your fingers
But I got two middle fingers for you
Look out the window, what I’ll give you is the honest truth

When I say fuck you
I was not an Imposter! Now you’re locked up with a monster
And I tell ya fuck you
I’m low on oxygen but at least I know you’re not gonna win
No simpathy from me, simply fuck you

Bridge (Andrea Storm Kaden & JT Music):
Ooh, woops, he was a human, my bad mate!
Fuck you!

I know I was the one who sussed him out
But he was odd, without a doubt
Now I’ll fix those wires right beside this vent
Not what I meant to say
I have a card and I swipe all day
I never been in any vent, I swear to god!
“We’re voting you off!” Fair enough
I knew you were human all along
But girl, now you won’t die alone
I’ll send us both off with this posthumous song
And it starts with I told you so

So fucking fuck you
How’d you like getting backstabbed? Just like you did to me too?
I’m saying fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you
No one can hear you screamin’ except for me, it’s sweet and
Just call me Cee Lo Green, cuz fuck you

The chips are down, the bodycount
Has piled up to a resounding amount
At least in spirit, we’re still here
Forget about Impostors, hope you humans hear me singin’

Fuck you
You’re gonna meet your end and then when you’re a ghost I’ll kill you again
Fuck you
Told you I wasn’t bad, but now I’m fuckin’ mad, sorry not sorry
Fuck you

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