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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening RAP versuri JT Music

JT Music:
That was some choppy water that i got caught up in
Some sort of tropical storm? Must’ve been
Came across an island, cuz i washed up on it
Dunno where my ship is, probably lost it

Then i woke up in a little village – awful charmin’
But can someone tell me how long i was knocked unconscious?
Anybody mind if i landscape the yard quick?
I find mowing the lawn quite cathartic
Did this pot cost a lot? Cuz i just dropped it
If a rock blocks my path i’m gonna toss it
When i spot a goomba i’ll be stompin’ on him
If a boss wants to test me – yes i’ll bomb it
Thought i smelled bacon – it was just a moblin
Roasted his bottom without a problem
Why’s this Chomp chained? Can i take him off it?
Let’s roll Bow-Wow, now i’m gonna walk him
How can this Owl even talk to me
I guess this town is all a dream?
What a plot twist – all this cuz a Wind Fish
Thunk it up? Gotta find some instruments
Like bells or chimes, or a type of flute?
I wanna leave, at least Marin’s kinda cute
Eyes on the prize Link! Don’t forget about Zelda
But if i get with Marin i ain’t gonna tell her
No Ganondorf or triforce?
Still have my shield and my sword
Careful my fuse is quite short
Pick a fight with me and i’ll keep that fight short
If you wanted drama, i’ll put it to sleep
I’m not desperate, but I got to keep
Dungeon divin – i’ve never gone too deep
Pilin’ up my supply of rupees
Head on a swivel, i’m steady and smart
I get plenty chests and i’m heavy with hearts
But my enemies seem to be otherworldly
Cuz i got the tip from Mario and Kirby
Am i lucid? I dunno, possibly
I feel my eyes open up as i fall asleep
I’ll dress for any occasion, flawlessly
I’ll steal the show – but don’t call me thief

Andrea Storm Kaden:
When we need a hero
You always seem to come through
Like a link between the waking world
And the one where all dreams come true
So help us quell the nightmares
Cuz here, they can be deadly
Remember that your dreams are always real
Within your memories

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