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Versurile cantecului "From Ear to Ear" interpretat de JT Music

Mama never taught me how to smile
But trust me, it was not for lack of tryin’
So instead I’m thinkin’ I will cut my chances and
Have a crack at cryin’

My father told me I was not a fighter
And all my life has led me to believe it
So just slap on a mask and you’ll happily pass
Because sadness don’t exist if no one sees it
But the lines on my face are cutting deeper
As these tearful rivers run them over
See I’ve always had disdain for the face in my mirror
Getting worse as I grow older, so I
Force some laughter, and fake a smile
When I feel the tears are near
Because I know after, it may take a while
But my smile will be ear to ear
Like the one I’ve painted
A disguise for my sadness
But I’m sick of charadin’, I’ll try on some madness and
Dance with the devil, laugh with the sinners –
Long as your smiling, you’re always the winner –
So just know that when the world is weeping
It’ll likely leave you laughing
Tell your bad thoughts they ought to be leaving
Never dwell on any sad thing
And remember
Don’t you ever
Force your laughter, or fake a smile
Cause you’re nowhere near to tears
Now wipe off that frown
Cause the clowns are in style
As the clouds start to clear
Sing it loud with me dear
We’re smiling from ear to ear
Just try it, to spite a bad mood
Behind this mask I am
Still smiling, but I don’t have to
I smile
I can

From Ear to Ear lyrics ♪ Letra de la canción From Ear to Ear ♪ Versuri From Ear to Ear

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