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Versuri JT Music – Crash Bandicoot Rap [REMIX] (feat. BSlick) Lyrics

Crash Bandicoot Rap [REMIX] Versuri

I’m a bit of an anomaly
An oddball marsupial monstrosity
I’m not just another wombat or wallaby
If you ain’t a bandicoot, you’re a wannabe
I gotta thank Cortex for evolving me
Have I become a problem? Probably
Now that I’m on the run, nobody’s stopping me
I’m coming for you Tawna, do you want a piece?
Spinnin’ ’til I’m dizzy and I’ll knock your teeth
Out your mouth as I jump on any box I see
Looking for something sweet, anyone got a peach?
(What about a Wumpa Fruit?) Give ’em all to me
Doctor Neo’s evil plots will be obsolete when I crash this party (wee)
I’m leaving every single incompetent boss defeated
Then I’ll execute a dance move flawlessly
With Aku Aku, I’ll sock and bop you
Gonna start by stomping on Papu Papu
Knocked Ripper Roo off of a waterfall (woo)
Koala Kong, brah, I’ve come to rock you
Say hello to my little friend
Pity that Pinstripe isn’t in trend
Yo, Nitrus Brio, you’ll meet your end
Choking on a potion, you second-rate henchman
Hop on my hoverboard and fly
Hog, let me take you for a ride
Gone back and forth in time and it has warped my mind
I’ve gotten killed a lot, but I’m not short of lives
I’ve had more adventures than Francis Drake
And you can tell Nathan that I plan to stay
Cuz I Crash all night, Crash all day
Crash by job, Crash by name

I’m wound up like a tornado, babe
Just cut me loose and I’ll go insane
Later, I may take a snooze on the beach
But now’s the time to move your booty
Do the Ooda-Booga Boogie with me

Cortex, I’ve never been a fan of you
So when I grab a crystal and a gem or two
Remember that you ain’t a man I’d ever hand ’em to
So don’t forget who put the Crash in the Bandicoot
Met a couple loco komodos
Who like sword throwing, so I told ’em no-no
I’m quicker than a ninja, now you’re in my dojo

Don’t trust Cortex

I know, Coco

Brother, would you ever do without me?
Girl power, represent it proudly
I’m a genius, equally sweet and mean
And I’m calling out geeks with PhDs
You’re gonna wanna squash beef with me
Or I’ll light you guys up like TNT

Keep it down, Coco, I really need to sleep

You both look like a meal for me to eat

Whoa, easy Tiger, you don’t wanna try me

We’ll tell everyone why they call you Tiny

Give me the crystals you’ve collected

Don’t even get me started, N. Gin
I’ll trigger that missile that you filled your head with

And wreck your mech, I bet that was expensive

A bandicoot ain’t a pest to mess with

If I end up dead, I’ll get sent to heaven

The best platformer, resurrected

But that dosen’t mean we got one dimension

Get a jetpack strapped on your back

Even in zero grav, I’ll drop your ass
‘Cause I Crash all night

Crash all day

Crash play nice

Crash insane

Crash with pride

Crash with shame

Now it’s time to masquerade

I’m wound up like a tornado, babe
Just cut me loose and I’ll go insane
Later, I may take a snooze on the beach
But now’s the time to move your booty
Do the Ooda-Booga Boogie with me

Damn you, Bandicoot
By the “N” on my forehead, I will put an end to you

The end of me, you’ll never get to see
I’ll treat you and your friends with some entropy

N. Tropy, you’ve met already?

That wasn’t what I meant, just forget it, C

Your head is massive, but I bet it’s empty
That “N” looks more like an “L”, ya get me?

Found a vortex warp in time
Now my brain is sort of fried
Gems and crystals, more to find

Hold it, those aren’t yours, they’re mine!

Uka-Uka, free at last

Jeepers, that’s a freaky mask
Still, it’s not as creepy as the ugly mug that Neo has

Taking a trip to a medieval past
Found a tomb in Egypt, went deep in that
Wish I was a greaser, ‘cuz I’m feeling fast
I’ll run these streets and I’m speeding past
Even faster than a supersonic hedgehog
Y’all better make like Sega: get lost
That goes for the plumber too
Yo Nintendo, I got your number, dude
I’ll never quit running my mouth versuri.us
Just like with the competition, I’ll be runnin’ ’em out
Dingodile, why do you like playing with fire?
When I put you on ice, you should try stayin’ retired

Dr. Cortex, that’s your plan, right?
After we kick your ass again, right?

Now your mask and mine will clash
Buckle up, motherfucker, it’s time to Crash

I’m wound up like a tornado, babe
Just cut me loose and I’ll go insane
Later, I may take a snooze on the beach
But now’s the time to move your booty
Do the Ooda-Booga Boogie with me

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