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Versuri Joni Fatora – Blueless Bird (Casey’s Vlog) Lyrics

Versuri Blueless Bird Lyrics:

Why do the birds sing so early in the dawn?
Their honeysuckle melodies before my day’s alarm
I imagine them rehearsing for some big elaborate show
That I’ve not been invited to so I should never know

The songs they like to sing I suppose they’re not too far
From all the songs I sing when I’m lonely in my car

And if I were the postman I’d wait for the afternoon
I’d be the lucky someone to be strapping on their tunes
But I think I like it better when I sleep late passed their call
For all I know perhaps the birds don’t even sing at all

We are lonely
Love comes easily to you
But not the hurt
You’re imperious to blue
I wish I knew
How to sing ’bout the other colors too

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