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A Woman's Got Ways versuri Johnnie Bassett

A woman’s got ways
To make a man lose his mind
So when you ain’t thinking straight
And you’re walking half blind

While she leaves you around
It’s a crime and a pity
But a woman’s got ways yeah
You know, a woman’s got ways

A woman’s got charms
And a sweet silver voice
But when she gets her hooks in you
Boy, you ain’t got much choice

She’ll treat you tough and your money
And leave you half crazy
But’ll love every minute
Cause a woman’s got ways

A woman’s got something
That every man craves
And it gives her the power
To make us all sclaves

That ‘s the rule of the game, son
You lose if you can’t play
You can’t beat the system, buddy,
Cause a woman’s got ways

When God made woman
He makes fools out of men
When you make one mistake, man
You’ll soon make it again.

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