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Bryant Myers
Jhayco, you don’t have it ‘
Jhayco, you don’t have it ‘
You bastard, you sang ‘ballad’
And if the feature does not record
You pass me by la’o without looking at my face
The hardest bar by bar
I threw when I needed
When I catch you I will hit you in the face

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (Yes), I already wrote you a pair of slash ‘(Slash’)
Five years ‘advantage, bastard, and as you like’ it does not grab me ‘(It does not grab me’)
P.R. know what there is (There is), you are a chihuaha who barks (Barks)
Who told you that you can ‘sing as if singing’?
You’re going to give shit, I’m going to give you mine (I don’t know)
I put you to throw me and three days’
You called Yampi, he owes him a ‘royalty’
Go to Miami as it cools (Hahaha)
Search and collect do ‘pa’ la barrí’a (Barrida)
You run ‘by battery
Sponsor ‘insect but insect was the one that told you that you put’ (Ah)
‘You’re looking ugly
Pending to what I tweeted
And you don’t see ‘na’ when you look ‘in the mirror
I never stop any of the asshole (No)
And I don’t believe you
And, bastard, I still don’t think so
But you were ‘off’ and hit you again when we made “Wishes”
We already know about that (That)
You like to be given with all the weight
Let them clean the floor, their brains flew ‘
You bastard, you are a chota, that’s why you did not fall prisoner (Aha)
And I don’t care (No), that ass is yours
I don’t like them, but if we go musical ‘(Yes) I destroyed it for you (- I destroy)
House, car, balance, balance (Wuh)
Yes, you have ‘a bargain but don’t have’ endorsement (Nah)
And I have a couple of lyrics’, let’s see if I save them for you
And if we talk about ‘writing, more than three hours’ I will never take (No)
I took one of 54 (4), because I am an abuser (Haha)
Yes, the gender lowered your de’o and I did him the favor (Favor)
Stay lowkey, you’re not a bargain, you’re not a fucker (Nah)
Why doesn’t he kill you ‘and not everything’ not ‘do’ the favor ‘? (Hahaha)
If this were a church, I would be the prophet
You bastard, respect me ‘(Respect’)
Or if I wasn’t in the choir, but you were ‘a tambourine (Yes)
And I have a friend who is crazy, who is an incest
That he threw me and typed told me, you bastard, that the bug sucks you, —pesta, —pesta
Jhayco, I swear, Myers sucks the bug
Without bathing you lie down ‘
It’s five minutes’, tell me what does it cost you? (Yes)
What the fuck did you record that on? E ‘a microphone of the nineties? (Ninety)
You did your teeth ‘, you do your hair, you do your eyebrows’ (Eyebrow’)
You bastard, we know very well that the complete combi makes you right now (Haha)

Pussy, ass, tit (Hahaha)
You mere bastard, and stop talking about the women ‘of others’, don’t make me’ remind you of what happened to you in Hobie, bastard
Daddy, I’m going to tell you at one, is he ‘talking shit’ to my wife?
Boy, no, boy, I’m not talking to your wife
Daddy, I’m going to tell you at two, is he ‘talking shit’ to my wife?
Boy, no, really—, ‘pear, cab-
Mere bastard, hahaha

From-From Bayamón to Santurce (—turce)
And from Carolina to Cagua ‘(Cagua’)
Cabrón, I stand in all ‘because I am clearer than water (than water)
And i already killed you
It seems’ to me, it seems’ to Yampi, you bastard, it seems’ to Anuel (Anuel)
In truth, in truth, you are a frappe (Hahaha)
And you failed Puerto Rico, in truth, you failed your people
Explain that shit ‘on the track, if we are already’ in 2020
You compared yourself to Coscu and Kendo, you bastard, he’s offending him
And they ‘are embarrassed by you, did you record on celu or did you record on [?]?
How are you ‘on the floor and you fall’ again? (Fall)
And if you put ‘a de’o on me,’ you will have to hide (—conder)
And after this I don’t throw anything else, you have them to answer (—ponder)
You bastard, I can’t give what I can’t see
And Pancho Villa, here he fucks her until you are ‘babilla’
And now they are making a spoon
Did you see that in P.R. make them up?
I don’t talk to the craftman, daddy, I talk to the ringleaders ‘(Ringleader’)
A couple of pissed off people, do you see that I always look good? (I look)
I look at the DM above it, I never glimpse it
I see that he is’ upset because I did not give you the interview, I can deduce it (Aha)
In which medium did you have to choose? Between you, Rapper or Mollusk?
Doubt cleared up, with this close ‘the season (Season)
The dwarf ‘e cover (Yes), did you complete or were the entries missing’? (Hey)
Your life and ‘piloca (Ah), you made your teeth’, it focuses you ‘
And now you have braces, you bastard, he has’ a flab in his mouth (Haha)
Tremendous [?] (Yes), a tattoo for dead is my pana ‘(Ah)
I speak to you clearly (Yes), your way of doing it is a strange way (Yeah)
You forgot and you made me remind you
That for every cookie, bastard, they give you, you get a tattoo on your face
Let’s go disk to disk (Disco) to see how much I sell (I sell)
Before I throw you (Ah) I always turn (I turn)
I am “The Devil ‘and the ink”, as Kendo says (Ah!)
Give play to the second that in what you hear ‘vo’a listen to the Ñengo album

Hahaha, let’s leave it musical that looks nice, boy
We even went out ‘on the Billboards the other’ days’, did you see it?
Oh, and what

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