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Oh, Ramona na na
Born and raised in Romania
Oh Ramona na na,
Going for America
With your eyes like oceanu
And ready for golanu,
Oh Ramona na na
We can go together,
To the moon and back,
Oh Ramona na na
Ramona na na

I’m a born leader
I don’t ever really need ’em
I just keep ’em undecided
Just in case I wanna breed some
Off spring/ palm spring
Off with ya head
If you ever come for mines piu piu (ya dead)
Came across the water
Like somebody’s lost bottle
Only slaughter house behavior
Call me the butchers daughter
Be cool, you don’t want smoke
I call the shottaz I call the blokes
Mama said babe you gotta play chess
A girl is a gun in a sunflower dress
Daddy gave me a set of my own
Ain’t a secret baby this is a bad bad world
I got, miles for the long road
Uh, style fa ya here we go
Blood in my fangs
I just caught me a ride
Just gimme second to satisfy my appetite

Dead in the middle of little Italy
Sippin moscato bitch are you kiddin me
I’m feelin myself
Been burnin this rubber
And trouble follows my trails
Well S* hi bye B*
I don’t need no help
Father forgive me
This one is straight from the books
I tell a tale full of spooks
All crooks all coupez
Ah s* ah well all hell breaks loose
I’m just a girl in the world
S* I been killin myself

You got the fire in your eyes
I got the fuel for the ride
I treat you good I treat you right
Spend my money on you
We got the city close behind
And I know where you wanna go
Don’t leave me hanging
Oh, Ramona

How can I live like saint
When they all send me to hell

Oh, Ramona lyrics ♪ Letra de la canción Oh, Ramona ♪ Versuri Oh, Ramona

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