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Don't Miss It versuri James Blake

The world has shut me out
If I give everything I’ll lose everything
Everything is about me
I am the most important thing
And you really haven’t thought all those cyclical thoughts for a while?

And as it keeps going
I could never be involved
I could never really see in real time
I could never be involved
I could avoid real time
I could ignore my busy mind
I could avoid contact with eyes
Avoid going outside
Avoid wasting my life
Avoid 20 20 sight
Avoid standing in line
Avoid the 405
Avoid coming to life
I could say anything I like
Switch off whenever I like
Sleep whenever I like
I could leave in the middle of the night
But I’d miss it
Don’t miss it
Don’t miss it like I did

And as it keeps going
If there’s no need for the perfect image
And nothing seems that wrong
Don’t miss it
When you know there’s a better conversation waiting for you at home
And as it keeps on going
You forget whether it was the beginning or end
When you can’t believe your luck
You’re with your friend
You get to hang out with your favourite person everyday
When the dull pain goes away
Don’t miss it
When you stop being a ghost in a shell
And everybody keeps saying you look well
Don’t miss it
Like I did
Don’t miss it like I did

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