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Sometimes I be
Overthinking about the future
Try not to worry about it

Any doubts try set it beside me

I gotta bounce
Gotta get away
Maybe to the bay
In the waves
While I sway
What a day

Itll be

When I finally make
Peace with my enemies

When I finally set
The keys on the centerpiece

Need to calm down a bit
I been down a bit
But I’ve bounced back
I like the sound of that

Summer 18
Bout to break free
All this up and down
Is what made me

Chase safety
Not underoath

But I would never
Tell a lie im ghost

Ima no show

When It comes to
Do or die gotta go go

Got em rolling by my
Side yeah, I hope so

They say they want me to die
Thats a low blow

Like oh no nah

Why so many people evil?

Why the fuck i even give a
Shit about what they say
When im out on my day
Get up out my way
Im bound to break a face
Face it

I dont wanna ever be basic
Dreams ima chase em
Ima just be patiently
Waiting aching til I fade
Its a daze
I wont care bout
What they say

I won’t care bout
What nobody else wanna say

Ima do just what i
Wanna do anyway

Ima do just what I wanna
If you rolling with me
Take it to infinity
We been the affinity
Hit em internally
I bet they aint
A concern to me
When I pull up to
The city put the
Pedal to the conrete

Hold up wait a minute
Noone ever gonna stop me

Coming with a vengeance
Yeah I’m feeling kinda cocky

Running for the fences
Ima pull up with an army

Coming with the heat
They will never disarm me

I been putting work in
When the verse ends
You’ll be certain
That I hurt like you
Sometimes in the confines
Of my room, no sunshine

I just try to unwind
Til the sunrise

These days I cope
With sentences

I wont ever lose hope
Cause this is it

I just gotta stay
Focused in the mix
Closing in and
I’ve broken in the grips

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