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Versuri Jaden Smith – Fire Dept Lyrics

Fire Dept Versuri

The fire department called my mom
Said, “Your son dancin’ on fires all night long”
I think I just decided I need a ride home
95 percent, I go hard, it’s killing the vibe though
Oh, oh, oh
All day, goin’ up in the city, ah
Chateau, so flow, it’s no biggie, ah
All these f*cked up places, here we go
Big wave, I was scared, remember that
Nah homie, I’m serious, it was so villainous
They killin’ n*ggas for all these perpendicular images
My flow is venomous, I promise they won’t remember this

I think I lost my car
I can’t see straight, I’m f*cked
Everyone goes broke in the dark days
Boy no spark, these boys love to talk, for real
Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m wasted versuri.us
F*ck that man, they too complacent
Punk-rap sh*t, dummy on the stages
You ain’t a bastard, if a basic
Put that wack sh*t on the pavement
Now they’re like, “Where’s J–?”
F*ck that n*gga, he’s crazy
All that, but can’t even phase me

Think about
You a lot
Too much
I’m losin’ light
I’m cruising on
I think a lot
I think about
You a lot
Too much
Do too much
I should be movin’ on
(For sure)

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