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Jadagrace – Run Dat Back Lyrics

Lyrics to 'Run Dat Back' by Jadagrace.

That Kick Be Bumpin!
This Party Jumpin!
Hands Everywhere, My People Crumpin.
Feel So Amazing, The Tempo Racin!
Now Peolpe Sweat
I Need To Tick Tick Tick Oh Patient
Turn The Song On,
Shake Your Pom Poms,
Feel The Boom Boom In The Room Room Let The Beat Rock!
Feel The Bass Line Take It don’t
Grind with the sound wave of a man brain On the stair pipe.
We Can Do This Hit All Day
Don’t Lose It We Want That
Yo Dj Lets Run Dat!

The Rights Of The Size Is All That We Need,
We Blazin We Tune To A Hot Frequency.
Everybody Goin Cray Everybody Feeling Famous,
Fist Pumping On The Floor Turn That T- T- Turn That Beat On!
Dj I Think I Hear My Song On The Radio Turn It Up Louder
Pump It Through The Speakers On The Stereo!
Dj Wont You Run That Back.

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