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Versuri J. Balvin – 7 De Mayo (english) lyrics

7 De Mayo in english versuri J Balvin

Audio Bit Alba Balvin:
“That your name, Jose, brings joy to other people’s faces.
That between Jose and J Balvin we never see a difference”

1985, may 7th,
In a slum in the middle of Medallo, this one was born,
With sweat on my forehead,
Calluses in my hands,
I understood that without roots you can’t have branches,
Walking on the streets of Fatima,
The face of my peers flooded with tears,
Hey! Criminal aspirations,
And I ended up being a singer.

No social media, no press, everything was tense,
Pope had braids and Maxi under his arm,
A lot of people said that we were clowns,
But I was a king since mommy was pregnant.

The arab guy’s brother was killed in a hall of bullets,
But he learned the hard way,
Step by step with everything in life,
In my mind, the word success overshadowed failure.

I learned to sail the tide,
From El Poblado to Francisco Antonio Zea,
Too ghetto for the rich and too rich for the ghetto,
Everything nice even though the situation was ugly,
Nobody taught me the word envy,
And family is always first,
Holy like the bible,
Never cross the line,
Because you could end up like Gaviria.

Audio Bit Alba Balvin:
“Always follow you father’s advise, because in spite of all appearances, what defines
and makes a man it’s his word.”

Who would’ve thought that the boy singing on the barber shop,
The one that kept the corner,
Dressed up like the Cangris,
And I knew how to dream,
Yankee was the one that gave me the global icon prize.
A colombian singing Reggeaton,
How stupid,
But I saw everything lucidly,
I loved the stage since my first time…

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