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Work it up versuri Iuliana Beregoi

Naturally as nobody else there
Originally simply I don’t care
Bitter sweet teen girl on her own self
I got so much so much swag
And I keep it for myself

I know u think about me I’m so funny
Aiming the top coming like a tsunami
I’m like a general making my army
This is it I got my flow come to battle honey!

Uuu tell me what can I do

Now everybody work it up
Aaa aaa
Let’s go dance until we drop
Aaa aaa
We use to do it everyday yeee
All my people hit the replay yeee
Little party kills nobody
When there’s Juli-a-n-a

Super style my flow’s like a chiller
All eyes on me play my game like a dealer
Throw a party you know it’s a killer
This is how we roll I bet u never ever have been there
Give it up give it up let s party
Pump up the volume don’t u worry
Big up for Moldavia big up for Romania
Descendents of Stephan the Great
Not of Dracula

Uuu tell me what can I do

Step to another day
I know u can find your way
Don’t forget to smile and play
No matter what they say
Wipe all your tears away
Take the best of today

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