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Koruna & Lime versuri Injury Reserve

Hey give me that one over there yeah
Bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo (Hey)
Alright who’s first? You c’mon (Hey)

Yeah humble as a mumble in the jungle ya dig?
Can’t never knock the hustle get that sh*t how you live
If you didn’t help me get it don’t be speakin’ on mine
No for real don’t say sh*t like you speakin’ in mime
I’m just speakin’ my mind take it a day at a time
Yeah I’m from the 510 n*gga nickle and dime
Yeah I know a few dudes gettin’ paid off of crime
But cops came from behind now they doin’ time
Never thought I’d be gettin’ paid off of these rhymes
Ain’t it funny sometimes how things align?
Love the fans that say we don’t get enough shine
I mean sh*t well they isn’t lyin’
Seen a couple sh*tty deals that we had to decline
Primo sh*t better get the three in the prime
From Flagstaff to Czech gettin’ checks koruna and lime
Told ’em fax that sh*t to Prague if you want us to sign n*gga

They say they want that spazz rap yeah
But now we got these n*ggas’ trunks
Soundin’ like it’s Baghdad
They say they want that real talk
But why these preachy-ass n*ggas out here
Soundin’ like a Ted Talk
Yeah rollin’ with my best guys whip it like a test drive
Hold up baby girl don’t take the picture get my left side
When I get that whip I’ll make that sh*t look like a Best Buy
Ayy maybe I’ll see you in my next life
Maybe I’ll see you in my next life
Maybe I’ll see you in my next life
Maybe I’ll see you in my next life
Maybe I’ll see you in my next life

(Life life see you in my ne-e-e-e-e-e-e-ext life
Life li-li-life-life
See you in my see you
A-ayy see you in my next life)
Give me that one over there yeah

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