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Versuri Hunter Hayes – If You Change Your Mind lyrics

If You Change Your Mind versuri Hunter Hayes

Been a while since you’ve been around
But you’re back in town
And I know I shouldn’t call you now
I just miss the sound
Of you saying that you miss me too
You know what I do
Find excuses just to see you

I know
You love the change of scene
You love the finer things
A different side
Kind of a brighter green
You couldn’t find in me
Yeah but
Does he remind you of your diamond eyes
Like I used to do, like I’d love to, promise me that

If you change your mind
You know where to find me
Patient for the right time
Waiting on a green light
If you see the signs
And you wanna hit rewind
See how much we shine
I know you swore you’d never oh
But if you change your mind

If I may confess I know why you left
Yeah I made a mess
Yeah I meant the best, but I was wrong along the way

God only knows this was no accident
A feeling I can’t forget, you’re at the heart of it
What I’m trying to say is

I hate knowing he’s the one you’re showing all your secrets to
Yeah, I know you said he’s good for you

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