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Versuri Higher Brothers – One Punch Man ft. Ski Mask the Slump God & Denzel Curry lyrics

One Punch Man versuri Denzel Curry, Higher Brothers, Ski Mask The Slump God

My feet no Morty but Rick Owens
What I tip-toe with my big toe in
Scary side posted like scare -crowin’
I’m at yo’ head like a hair sew in
Hide-and-seek where is your hair -line going?
Make the AK sound like some titties I motorboated
Can’t bite my sauce ’cause it’s poison coated
My flow gets you going like locomotive
Is you deaf b*tch? (Deaf)
Watch your step b*tch
How I pull the pistol pop it like a n*gga got a millionaire wrist (Ouch ouch)
I already predicted that you should count a n*gga album b*tch you [?] b*tch (Ooh! Ouch!)
How did that n*gga Soze hit the beat like it’s a f*ckin’ One Punch Man b*tch? (b*tch! Ooh)

How the f*ck?
Y’all gon’ let this n*gga Ski Mask drop some fire sh*t and y’all n*ggas think he gon’ eat that?
Nah son!
Nah B!
It ain’t goin’ out like that!

Keep a .45 no Colt
N*ggas get to runnin’ like they Usain Bolt
Give a n*gga wings give a n*gga Red Bull
If a n*gga died then I might be Deadpool
Five to your face like I’m Abraham Lincoln
I leave a hole that’s the size of a penny
When I Cascade they gon’ say that it’s Denny
Pay off the wing just to say I’m at Denny’s
Call me Goku
I play the numbers just like sudoku
Triple zero’s making hella ovals
Overpaid but b*tch I’m goin’ postal
I dress to kill and y’all n*ggas formal
Magic on me trick I’m Dumbledore open your back up you lookin’ like Bulbasaur
B*tch I’m tyrannical go in tyrannosaurus stupid ass n*gga you know that’s a metaphor

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