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FUCK IT UP versuri Hearts & Colors

I must be the king of gambling
Cus I’m no ace of hearts babe, as you know
People say pick yourself up from the gutter
But I just keep on sinking like a stone

When I drift closer
You float further out
And I hate it
Yea I hate it

It’s like I’m the story’s villain
And you are the heroine
And I can’t win

I try to say I’m sorry but it sounds like it’s your fault
And every compliment just sounds like you’re no good at all
Yeah I hate to be the reason for you walking out that door
But Right before I fix it I fuck it up, fuck it up some more

I Fuck it up
Fuck it up some more

You’re the best I’ve ever had I hope I’m not your worst but I don’t know
I’m sorry I dragged you down through every circle, down through my inferno
I should have cleaned first

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