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Versuri Guard – Cognitive Dissonance Lyrics

Versuri Cognitive Dissonance Lyrics:

I better go, I’m at a show
I got a b*tch who won’t leave me alone
Chalk on the stove, I’m on a low
No I don’t roll with these exes and hoes but…
You got that somethin’, that Robitussan
To keep me frontin’, end of discussion

You don’t know me anymore
I feel nothing when you call (x2)

Let’s get virtual, I don’t physical
Please delete all your love (Please delete all your love)
Let’s get logical, I’m not emotional
My heart is closed off from cunts

(My heart is) Pulled apart into pieces, I used to like all your seasons
You keep that ice round your neck, I went and froze up my chest
Synchronising our feelings to end up hopeless & bleeding
I’m so much closer to jump
My heart is closed off from cunts

You don’t know me anymore
I feel nothing when you call
I go down, you go down, we were never gonna make it out
(You dont know me anymore)
I know why you go down, you were only tryna take me out
You dont know me anymore.

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