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Cheatin' Hand versuri Greg Serrato

Lay your cards on the table baby
I wanna see your cheating hand
Lay your cards on the table woman
I wanna see your cheating hand
I got all the aces woman
Only pair you got is you and your other man

I go to work in the morning
And I’m gone all the day
Soon as I leave the house
You break out the cards and you wanna start to play
But I’ve got the deck marked woman
And I know what’s in your little hand
So tell me right now little darlin’
Is it me or your other man?

You think you’re playin’ with the straights
But I’ve got the cards you need
I’ve given you everything a woman could ever want
Treating you like a queen
But you don’t realize he’s a joker
And with a joker you can’t play
Work my hands to the bone for you baby
And loved you each and every day
You did me wrong
And now, baby now I’m gone away
Thanks to Richard Spratt for the lyrics.

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