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Ike is a man
He stays mostly at home
He’s got three dogs
And a bucket full of bones

He lends his place out
To five-dollar whores
And spends sunshiny days
Upon his front porch

Now he reads his paper
He lays on his coach
He drink that corn liquor whiskey
Till the bottle runs out

He puts his cane to the tracks
He walks into the wind
Ike tend to stay out
While his women’re in

“Here we are
Dirt from the river” he said
“And we’re rollin’
On the flood
We drink whiskey
For our liver
And stay stuck here
Stuck in the mud”

Now one of Ike’s women
Сame knockin’ on my door
The other night
She said “I stay by Ike’s house
Do you have a light?”
I gave her some matches
I tried to shut the door. She said
“No, baby, I need a candle
So I can see the floor”

She goes “A candle
To light the way
To light the way
To something good”

Now I told her I had a candle
Somewhere’s in my home
She followed me in
Asked me did I live alone
“Yes, ma’am, I do” I says
“I live here all by myself”
And I pulled a little red candle
Down off of the shelf

“I appreciate that” she says
In a snaggle-tooth grin
“I bet you got yourself one pretty girlfriend”
“Oh no, ma’am, I don’t” I says
As I look down at the floor
It’s strange how the Devil keeps pushing
More and more

“God damn!” she says
“Do you like women?”
“Yes, ma’am, I do.” I says “I like women”.
She stroke a pose
And looked at me sideways-like
And she says
“Well, do you want one
Five-dollar woman

Well here we are
Dirt from the river
And we’re rolling
On the flood
We drink whiskey
For our liver
And stay stuck here
Stuck in the mud

I watched her as she walked home
Down the street
Flower-print polyester dress
And no shoes on her feet

Now Ike was on the railroad tracks
He’s looking up at the stars
And she disappears in his house
As the dogs begin to bark
As the dogs
Begin to bark

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