Versuri Gramofone – Goodbye, Mr. President! Lyrics

Goodbye, Mr. President! versuri

This is a wake up call for the idlers.
Escape the cult of the average!
This is not an anthem.
This is the real voice of the nation.

Goodbye, Mr. President!
Hope we had a good run.
It’s time to go now,
but we had fun.
This is a statement.
What did you expect?
So goodbye, Mr. President,
with all due respect!

Today is the day you begin.
You have all the time in the world
in the length of a breath.
Build your dreams and don’t look back.
Challange the impossible!

Everybody has a chance, no excuses!
You deserve to dance.

It’s all over.
I played my role.
So goodbye, Mr. President!
I’m smart and I’m in control!

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