Versuri Gramofone – Blackhole Lyrics

Blackhole versuri

Hurts like hell!
I did all that’s required.
Going carefully,
yet i fell,
desperate and tired.

The pain is growing.
In the eyes of a stranger
my mind
is going.
There is no danger

in a black hole.

In the prison of my days,
talking to a sewer rat.
Get me aut
of the maze.
There’s not much to look at

in a black hole.
Black, black hole.

Swallowed up in black.
And i feel like I’m rushing.
There is no turning back.
Everything falls into nothing.

I gave them blood, money, sweat and tears.
They made me a pawn in chess
Someone must’ve heard me all these years.
This is my last cry of distress!

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