Gill Chang

Versuri Gill Chang – Golden feat. Grand Khai Lyrics

Golden Versuri

I gave you my whole life
You called me low life
I ain’t have the dough right that’s it
But I had goals I
Spent nights on the road
I was trynna bring it home like last year
You ain’t see the vision
So you kept your distance
You left me alone right back here
Thought you had feelings
Talked about children
They woulda had a home right back here

Now, I’m all alone
No one to hold
You left the pieces to my heart on the floor
How could you go
I couldn’t move on
Had to man up & move on
Like forget it I know I’ll be one

You regret all your decisions
Now I’m making millions
I just bring it straight to the cashier
Ain’t no checking tags now
Put it in the bag now
It wasn’t this way like last year
Girl I know you trippin
Know you wanna kiss me
I know woah you want me back here
But I can’t take you
Said we on a break you
said you wanna wait right back here

Now I let you go
Glad I let go
Now I’m all alone but I got money to hold
Why did you go
This couldn’t be you & me oh
Now I don’t sweat you no more
Like forget it baby now I’m the one

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