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Livin' With The Blues versuri Gene Deer

It’s been a long time, yes and you know that it’s a cryin’ shame.
It’s hard, it’s hard when you wake up every morning.
Waking up every morning just to be alone again.

Yes, cause you know if I had my way, This is not what I’d choose.
cause its hard, yes its hard when you livin’, livin’ with the blues.

Try to cure my mind with drinking, just to drown that old memory, yea, yea
Now I need some kind of lover, now I need some kind of remedy yeah.

Cause I’m tired of being cheating on and I’m tired of paying dues, yes I am.
And I’m tired, cause I’m tired livin’, livin’ with the blues, yeah

If I believe in all these troubles, If I believe all these troubles will get me down.
And I gotta leave, leave my soul a reason, I got to leave here comin’ and gone, yeah, yes I gotta go now.

Cause you know that I’ve been lied to and I sho’ ‘nuf have been used.
And I get tired, Lord, let me tell you I get so tired of livin’, livin’ with the blues, yeah now.

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