Versuri Future – Never Stop Lyrics

Never Stop Versuri

I will never stop never stop
Keep goin’ keep goin’
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

I make Yeezy Boost moves in my Reeboks
It ain’t gon’ never stop
Tryna run a billion up until my ankle pop yeah
You’ll get rich and have problems that you never thought
It bring tears knowin’ we came up out the sandbox
(Bringin’ tears to my eyes)
Made it out the trenches it got harder for my n*ggas
I just wanna see my dawgs ball seven figures
I done got rich and it cursed me
Ever since I got successful they envy
Tryna shake the devil on promethazine
Tryna show you love but you don’t feel me
Gave up on me so you turned your back
I can see the demons ’cause a n*gga been blessed
I can tell you worried but a n*gga been in debt
I can’t get caught up inside the matter
I should’ve did better but it’s chatter
I ran up my money off the gravel
Love is just a word it don’t matter to me
I got so rich nothing matters to me
I’m livin’ my second life it’s so amazin’
I done been hit with a bullet and one grazed me
I done been considered a failure it don’t faze me
I done came up out the ghetto my crib gated
Same n*ggas played with the devil these n*ggas hatin’
All these b*tches f*ck with no rubbers this sh*t brazy
Icy-ed out the Hublot these n*ggas lookin’ fugazi (Yeah)
Money stack tall past the ceilin’ I can’t be jaded
I done came from sleepin’ on floors you can’t persuade me (Yeah)
I been takin’ other n*ggas’ hoes it’s gettin’ outrageous (True story)
Rich n*gga gettin’ caught with a b*tch worth minimum wages (Pluto)
F*ckin’ with my ego but I never lost a lady (Facts)
F*cked a pop star after I got my dreads braided
Never dropped her name but her head game contagious (No cap)
20 percent of my dames I shipped ’em right out to Vegas (Gone)
You can feel the pain when I’m rappin’ ’cause I’m ragin’ (Wizard)
You can see my past and where I was on they faces (Weak)
I done flipped the truck over and crashed ducked the agents (Facts)
I been with these blue hundreds like a n*gga racist (Freebandz)
I been gettin’ richer each year feel like I’m racin’ (Uh)
Tried to tell you the formula but you wouldn’t take it
Hard work and perseverance they ain’t related
Poppin’ up on Forbes is f*ckin’ up my relations (f*ckin’ up my family)
Ten milli’ plus on a crib and it’s vacant
I can see it vividly at the crib Rico basement
Watch him get the mula I was sittin’ back bein’ patient (I was bein’ patient)
I was sittin’ back programmin’ my brain I was in trainin’ (Yeah)
I be in my coupe Maybach and I ain’t have to trade it (Skrrt skrrt)
Thinkin’ ’bout when I was posted up when they raided (Swear I was)
Now I Double R and Ghost it up I feel spacious (Woo)
I don’t feel the safest but I feel gracious (Yeah)
I thank God every day I don’t feel basic
Probably lose my sanity if I ain’t have my babies (Sheesh)
Probably be gamblin’ with my life if I ain’t made it
Home invasions and you ain’t have to persuade me (Nah)
Cut it with a razor and serve it ’til your day versuri.us
Came from whippin’ out the bowl Tom Ford suit and tie (Yeah)
Get my grandma to serve my dope that ain’t a lie (On God)
You can tell I’ve been broke when you look into my eyes (Future)
Nobody done noticed ’til the jet was in the sky

Bringin’ tears to my eyes oh yeah
Nobody done noticed ’til the jet was in the sky
Bringin’ tears to my eyes keep goin’
Gotta tell The WIZRD it’s a story like a book
Tears in my eyes I can’t forget where I came from
I lost a lover it’s alright
It can’t be worse when I lost my main homie to the streets
You should’ve never give up on me without hearin’ my side of the story
I can’t forget where I came from
Bringin’ tears to my eyes

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