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California versuri Fog Lake

it took awhile for you to settle down settle in
you took the cinnamon and washed it out of your mouth
and when the guillotine came down it snapped over my neck
still once you looked away you were gone

there’s only diligence in those who try to cut you down
and once they do the tremors echo coast to coast
and when you dream
do you wake up soaked in red colored sweat
love seems so far away from anything you want now

there’s a part of me that never wants to see you again
and there’s a part of me that needs you now
i don’t why my brain was wired fifty fifty but now
it seems i’m the only one oblivious

it’s spreading like a disease that’s what you wanted
when it was here now it’s the curse you got
and when you fled to california
i was somewhere at home just trying desperately to brush it off
sucked out the venom and you spit it out of your mouth
but i’m not sure i wanna die slow
my heart’s still broken
but something would have done it somehow
some things just never end up like you thought

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