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Versuri Florin Chilian – Zece (english) lyrics

Zece in english versuri Florin Chilian

10 sweet miracles like thunder
Brought into my life you love you wonder
You’re so beautiful 10 painters
Rest without the answers

10 days crazy days pass through me
I don’t know I just don’t know you tell me
10 lives breathing next to you
They would be so few

Two stars sister stars are crying
Lovely tears of light start shining
All these splendors up above
Just for you my love

Four brave knights
Only three castles
Magic chains of silent waters going
With the spells a flying dove
Just for you my love

Seven fairies
Days are merry
Dwarfs who’re playing with your signs so gently
And dreams raising from the grove
Just for you my love

Nine sun wishes
Blooming eyes
Roads to moonlight fires burning from the dice
And their feelings rove
All for you my love

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