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Versuri Farruko x Ankhal – CFM GANGA REMIX (english) lyrics

CFM GANGA REMIX in english versuri Farruko

Cabrón, he didn’t trust anyone anymore (Nobody)
None is from the heart (Lara mercy gang)
To the bad one that is known (It is known)
Where betrayal comes from
Many say they are street and that they are for me
But how they sing when the FBI catches them
(They end up choteando, testifying against me)
And you ‘forget how many times’ your hand says’
We’re ‘black and white, here the gries die’
And I’m clear wherever I stepped
If I look for it e ‘just because I only did it
In heaven there is a God who always blesses me (Remix!)

That’s why I walk with my bargain
To the gunsmith I buy ‘lo’ R and lo ‘AK (Prr, prr)
Seventy ‘in the neck, you die’ if he tries ‘(If he tries’)
There is no fear here, you bastard, yours ‘get stuck (Pri-yah-yah; Farru’!)

Armored on H1, it doesn’t touch any
I challenge you ‘I always assume burning, you only see the smoke
They are not loyal as 2Pac went to Suge Knight
And they end up collaborating as the toad of 6ix9ine (Gang, gang)
Many want to epacharrar me, but none is going to dive me
They wanted to fuck me with a federal case
But what is 50 thousand if million ‘I do legal? (LOL)
I have my Gangalee, be careful out there (Pu ‘)
What ‘they are going to talk about me, I walk with the’ stick ‘and the’ iron ‘(Prr)
I’m ready for you, I got your wife
Tell people ‘e your bargain your burial is coming
In the [?] Arriving at the airport
Your head has a price, tomorrow you are a dead man
They hooked the clicks, and it sounds “ra-ta-ta-ta-ta”
Sincerely, “The Predattor”; Farru !; lara mercy gang

Cabrón, Carbon is the bargain
Angele ‘human’, we don’t accept rat ‘(Prr, prr)
I know that they hate me and that in their mind they kill me (I’m Samson)
Anti-Juda ‘the seal (I’), huelebicho (I ‘), treats

With the bargain from scratch
Moving the white, cook’o on top ‘(Brre!)
Right now he bought a mansion from Mommy and a Lambo ‘a pa’ (Yah)
As I am talking about Daddy, in the Vatican the Pope
Ando fle’o, if I fuck his cats’ I will turn them into a flight attendant
With the bargain dressed ‘by bla-anco, they think we are’ sa-anto ‘
My flow is like Thor’s hammer, if it falls I just lift it
Ganga-lee, with more punch than Muhammad Ali (Grr)
You travel ‘, a happy life’ (But you die ‘and’ infeli ‘dies)
With Frank at Rolls Royce and passenger Sharo Torre ‘
Come and better run the bullet ‘are not horse (Plo-plo-plo-plo)
But let’s go, to make them erase you (Grr)
I walk with the range [?] (Yes)
Exploit the pe’o and to ‘the cold penguin world (Hahaha)
To ‘the world is cold igloo
In a little ‘I trust’ (Yes)
A hand cuts you as Tempo and Canse says’
I’m sorry, baby, cut them ‘and stick’ is my only romance
The bargain is always, ours until I get tired (Grr !; yes; hahahaha)

Cabrón, Carbon is the bargain
The human ‘angele’ we don’t accept rat ‘(Na’)
I know that they hate me and that in their mind they kill me
Anti-Juda ‘the seal, huelebicho, treats

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