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Versuri Farruko, Ozuna, Lunay – Nadie (Remix) (english) lyrics

Nadie (Remix) in english versuri Farruko

He got tired of February 14
And of all his lies
He got tired of being behind you all his life
Thank God he went on tour
Nobody knows how it ends

This is the remix

You were born alone and nobody
Can control
Sincere heart that they didn’t know how to love
Try to fall in love again
It will not work again

Baby, don’t wait for anyone (Nobody)
You don’t need anyone (you don’t need anyone)
Pa ‘enjoy because life is short and nobody
She cares what you do with her, baby

Lu Lu Lunay

Baby, don’t limit yourself to your desire
And do not compete enviously they would like
Your place, you stand out without looking
Here I am when you need
Live your life and don’t complicate yourself
Remember that you are not anyone
And get fashionable that it’s better to be single
He doesn’t deserve to cry again

When he sees you with me he will miss
That woman who just wanted to love him
From someone like that what else can you expect
Forget the spite and let’s go fuck
He was little man for a lot of woman
She resigned and doesn’t want to see him
He thought he was going to win and he had to lose

You don’t need anyone to control you
May bad flavors bring you into your life
Life is one and you no longer live with flowers
There are bad guys, but the best will come
You’re cool, get out, move your skirt
He always has you because you always miss
I like it better when you move on your back
Independent walks in his machine
I know that loneliness sometimes comes
One always looks for what is not (what is not)
In time everything will happen to you (it will happen to you)
But nobody will control you
Baby huh huh

Baby, don’t wait for anyone (for anyone)
You don’t need anyone
Pa ‘enjoy because life is short
And nobody cares what you do
With her baby
This is Sech
Baby don’t wait for him
Not for those who come
Baby, don’t wait for any
May you stop
Then they speak badly about women
When they come
But surely he will be a millionaire

The one that has you and although you
Give clothes, ask him
If you are happy
In the past, mommy, he stayed
You enjoy and forget about everything

Pi Ri Ya Ya
It is that it knows that it is good
For no one has to wait
He moved with pal de mala
Tonight is going to janguear
And he wrote to the DM I want to misbehave
She wants to drink, lose, smoke
Pi Ri Ya Ya
And in the dark and without dissimulation
Forgetting the sorrows I caught her
And now dance dance dance
That being single is in fashion, baby

Get over it, get over it, it wasn’t you who failed (who failed)
In bad weather, good face and follow it (follow it, follow it)
Let him do his life and you don’t need it, tell him

Baby, don’t wait for anyone (nobody)
You don’t need anyone (you don’t need anyone)
Pa ‘enjoy because life is short
And nobody cares what you do
With her baby

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