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ME PASE in english versuri Enrique Iglesias, Farruko

I’m very sorry
Is that you deserve an explanation
Not worth it
End our relationship

For a rumba night
We were surprised by the madness
Don’t take her with me
You know that all
We are to blame

The fault was the rum
Of beer and Don Perignon
And let our imaginations fly
And suddenly we forget

And it is that I passed
I had drinks
I went to sleep with you
And I woke up with another

More than a month ago
I swore it was the last time
Forgive me, I will not do it again

But my bad baby, I think that alcohol beat me
After a couple of drinks I got sick and lost control
And I got carried away by the music and the emotion
And this whole situation got out of hand

But I wanted with you and I ended up with her
The rumba continued and more bottles arrived
What fault do I have that she is also beautiful
The smoke from the hookah and the champagne made me dizzy

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