Dua Saleh

Versuri Dua Saleh – Sugar Mama Lyrics

Sugar Mama Versuri

I have a friendly neighbor
She wanna be my savior
Her daddy always warns her
’bout my families behavior
She wonders bout my flavor
Those chocolate coated layers
She looks me up and down
Her pussy melting like a glacier

Bodacious belly flopper
Her daddy flies a chopper
She talks about her charities
and work he has to offer
She dining eating lobster
Gold accents on her romper
Her hands soaked in that metal bowl absorbing all the copper

Shower cap and faucets
Water in her sockets
Not used to girls with stringy hair
I like them in a bonnet
Super suds not flossy
Skin not gleaming glossy
Slather soupy liquid on your legs because it’s frosty

Persistent halitosis
Perplexing braggadocios
Clunky chunky clatter
Coupled with some new explosives
Critters always jibber jabber
Bout her candy coating
Jitters kitty litter why your kitten smell like sausage

That’s nasty
That’s gross
All them pineapples a hoax
That’s nasty
That’s gross
All them pineapples a hoax
That’s nasty
That’s gross
All them pineapples a hoax
That’s nasty
That’s gross
All them pineapples a hoax

Climbing up the rankings
Attitude untamed and
Getting kinda popular
Among the local flagrants
Trampoline temptations
Tugging at her patience
Clipping at those curdled clog
Luxury turned latent

Spread them legs like butter
Squirting from her utters
Creaming extra heavy versuri.us
Cause my head game extra gutter
Bitch I never stutter
Don’t you ever mutter
Nothing bout my people
Cause I’ll hit you with that

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