Dove Cameron

Versuri Dove Cameron – My Once Upon a Time (Descendants 3) Lyrics

My Once Upon a Time Versuri

Here you are alone
And you deserve it
Your friends have turned to stone
And that’s on you
You had a cause to serve

But did you serve it?
Or did you see yourself in a way
That wasn’t true?
Why tell all those lies?
You feel unworthy
Like there isn’t solid ground
For you to stand
But a stack of lies
Is not a firm foundation
You cannot build a castle
On a mountain made of sand
This is not your father’s fairy tale
And no, it’s not your mother’s fault you fail
So when your story comes to light
Make sure the story that they write
Goes once upon a time
She fought a dragon
Once upon a time
That beast was me
Once upon a misspent youth
She faced herself, she spoke the truth
That’s how I see
My once upon a time
This time
Life is not a storybook
But life unfolds in chapters
Turn the page and start to make amends
There’s no pre-written guarantee
Of happily ever after
Step into your greatness
Before your story ends
So when your story ends
They’ll say
Once upon a time
A girl flew higher
Once upon a time
She made things right
Once upon a tie that binds
She changed her heart
To change their minds
That’s got to be
My once upon a time
This once upon a time
I’ll finally see
My once upon a time
This time!

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