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Dorian – Sexual (feat. Smiley)

Sexual Versuri

She like to whine all the night
Twisting up in a lie
Sniffing up on the ice

Lie after one lie
She drive me crazy telling no lie

Maybe don’t want until she won’t mind
You are a convict
I’ll be the crime
You know I’ll be the crime

Wish you’d go up to the dancefloor
Did you have a blade and dress you more
Maybe cause you like to dub and that’s all
She make your bodies want more

Naughty little villain, my girl
She’s bad
She’s a naughty little killer
I’m a crazy bad
She wants to be the queen Molotov
She’s classic good girl
Now she’s gone bad

You’re kind of crazy, girl
You’re like a naughty one
But it seems that no one

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