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Bitter Content versuri Dodie

Let’s find out just how far I’ll go
To look like someone you should know
Maybe I’d sound a little better
If my features were more sweet

Your mind’s already been made up
You saw my number and my number wasn’t good enough
I’ll write a little better
If I’m willing to compete

I’ll do it if I have to
Hoping for an inbetween
Not what I meant when I said that I
I wanted to be seen

How am I meant to stay on track
When each hand I shake will pull me back
Oh I’ll work a little harder
But walk a little less

And in the end will i feel proud
That i grit my teeth, and followed the damn crowd
Will i have grown a little empire
Or made a fucking mess

I’ll do it if I have to
(I’ll keep it to myself)
Hoping for an inbetween
(I must have seen that somewhere)
Not what I meant when I said that I
I wanted to be seen

Sorry I haven’t been around much! LA has been wonderful
Also no that isn’t a new tattoo it’s just a temp one for a shoot i did yesterday lol!

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