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in the bed versuri doddleoddle

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big round eyes
like a child
with a magic to match
show a shoulder
naked skin on the side
like a crack in a door on a latch

hot little hints
toe a line between sexy and sick
what’s the deal
how much to feel
Will you think of me

Drawing the blinds
Thinking of you
Poor lonely mind
It’s getting confused

Will you ever lie
Next to me
In the bed
That I dream of us in

Rewire a dread
this whirring machine
if you can’t, cool it down
steam is still steam

will you ever know
Of this image
Of you
That can soothe me to sleep

what in the world
do we have at a quarter to four
Such a still
Something real
Disconnected but beautifully raw

So ask me again
in a suit and a tie with a drink
find out right
in half light
and you’ll think of me

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