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Versuri Disclosure, Mick Jenkins – Who Knew? lyrics

Who Knew? versuri Disclosure

Who knew
What you’d do to me
I can’t fake it
I can’t break this spell i won’t let go

Who knew

Was out there by lonely

You help me get to know me
You know me well i owe you
I know i won’t hold back
Oh know i can’t back babe

Who knew

What you do
I just can’t

Time waist
I’m in my bag way back when nigga didn’t no have sense
You was a Faberge egg then much to delicate
I could not fathom breaking bread then
Now I’m breaking bad habits
Had to face the backtracking
Had to face it and ask
Who knew

I could grow
Like the trees
I could show you
I could change
If you wanna
Won’t make
A stand
I already showed my hand
If you don’t
We could roll
Light the smoke
Let it in
Well be gone off that in 10
That’s when the vibe start setting in

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