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What is home? versuri Dilimanjaro

E-o mare de-anateme, intrebari isi pun semne
Oare ce-ar vrea sa-nsemne, nici eu nu mai stiu acum
Am vazut bunatatea-n filme, mult rau prea putin bine
Sa strig la luna-mi vine, as vrea sa fiu mai bun
O suta de milenii nu-mi ajung ca sa ma bat
Cu toti demonii din mine care s-au emancipat
Ca-i frig si nu-mi convine, caut o inima mai calda
Traiesc un sentiment ciudat ca cerul o sa cada
Sa cada – eu l-am facut bucati cum s-a jucat si viata la randul ei
Sa cada – mai am oricum 3 roti, 10 necunoscuti la gatul ei
Sa cada – ramane inima ce munti ar muta pana cand se simte
C-am trecut prin cioburi, jaratec si inca e-o vorba ce-o aud in minte

Orice strain care vrea sa-ti spuna “nu”
N-o sa poa’ sa-ti otraveasca sufletul
Si cand grijile m-apasa, lumea nu ma lasa,
Ma gandesc acasa…
Da’ o sa fie bine, sunt sigur c-o sa fie bine
Stiu c-o sa fie bine, garantez c-o sa fie bine
Promit, o sa fie bine, stiu, o sa fie bine
Iti jur, o sa fie bine, sunt sigur, o sa fie bine

What is home?
Home is where my mom lives
Where the buffalos roam
Where I have someone to comb my hair with a comb
Calm my thoughts with a calm voice
No unnecessary noise
No one knows
No one enjoys the silence anymore
Silence in the core
Silence in the core of the soul
This serenity in the cat’s cradle
Makes me wanna take a dive
Dive deep in the earth’s placenta
And taste the honey of the universe hive
Hopefully make it back alive
To my kids and wife
To my simple life
To my humble home
To my homies in the hood
To my treehouse in the wood
To my childish mood
To my consciousness that made us become
Homeless in a world we don’t understand
Label phenomena we don’t comprehend
Not be able to embrace confusion
Instead of getting a grip
Life’s not yours
Life’s but a dream
In life’s higher scheme that cannot be seen
Everything is and is not
And in its sacred geometry we’re just a dot

Any stranger who would want to tell you “no”
They cannot be able to poison your soul
And when the worries come crushin’
And the thoughts come rushin’
My mind flies back at home

But it’s gonna be alright
I’m sure it’s gonna be alright, i know it’s gonna be alright
Guaranteed it’s gonna be alright, i promise it’s gonna be alright
I promise it’s gonna be alright, i know it’s gonna be alright
Cross my heart, it’s gonna be alright, but it’s gonna be alright
I’m sure

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