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Versuri Deji x Jallow x Dax x Crypt – Unforgivable (KSI DISS TRACK) lyrics

Unforgivable (KSI DISS TRACK) versuri Deji

JJ wanna play games wanna snake me
Get your friends tryan battle me
Now they wanna bait names
How can a man choose friends over family

JJ we ain’t the same
When I start Wars it only brings casualty
Little boy stay in your lane
I’ma drag you to the ground like gravity

Talk about me only negativity
Bring up girls to ruin credibility
Text my parents to try to get rid of me
How in hell have you not lost dignity

Like woah woah
How could you block your bro
Even blocked your mum and dad too
How could you be so low
Did you know
Your friends only there for the dough
Oh no your friends only there so they blow

Yeah you got the big bucks
Clout got you gassed for a quick f**k
Went and got a girl to lick your arse
Insted of getting your d**k sucked
You’re not a king your mind is vacant
Nedd a doctor I’m running out of patients
Cause of my vid you’re moving your statements
Next to your girlfriend hid in the basement

You always say you made me
You always say I’m lazy
But I’m here on my grind
While you’re just killin’ babies

And how can you attack a man
When you f**ked a girl in a caravan
Your flow is poor and your songs are s**t
You’re ten times worse that my camera man

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