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I’m in my stride
KARTEL I been f*cking wit VYBZ
HOME PLATE so you know ima SLIDE
Don’t even try getting this CHICKEN I’m out in KENTUCKY like it’s getting FRIED
They see the TIDE
N*ggas is DROWNING I’m driving the boat wit a bag in Dubai
N*gga I’m fly, like a bird
I’m the SHIT like a TURD
Running FADES like im DIRK
Turn a n*ggas face BLUE like the SMURFS
Matter fact turn it red like my shirt
In my bag, n*ggas in they purse
Wanna VERSE n*gga go to CHRUCH
Got it out the MUD made from the DIRT
613 left did it first
Ice on my wrist quench a n*ggas thirst
Straight to the BANK jus like a CLERK
9/5 wit it How I put in work
I got CHICKEN but I eint no JERK
I got FRANKLINS but I eint no KIRK
So f*cking SICK might need a NURSE
RIP beat put it in A hurse
It’s a bike how riding it
You hate me but you on my profile and shit
Top 5 no denying it
If the game was a plane I’m flying it
If rap was a b*tch I’m wifing it
Don’t miss hit like I’m sniping it
Bring the PAIN u might need a VICODIN
Couldn’t mimic my DRIVE if you LICENSED it
Don’t hate though
N*ggas soft like plato
Getting cheese like its queso
Rap god peap the halo
They wanna f*ck wit me because I got the shine
All my numbers MOVING QUICK just like it’s AMAZON PRIME
I got bars like a prison swear a n*gga doing time
I’m Tony hawk UNDERGROUND cuz I be always on my GRIND
I bring the HEAT like HIBACH
Concentration be just like nazi
Dip dive dodge duck dip dodgeball when imma see paparazzi
Bout to wake n*ggas up like some COFFEE
Not even a GOALIE could STOP ME
I be cheffing these beats I be saucy

Eint it funny Corny n*gggas always laugh at me
I run tracks like a mufuking athlete
Do do do do do ya exactly
Red dot on ya head like its acne
I just made 100k in a week spent a K on the sneaks so I know n*ggas mad at me
And every single time I hop on the beat boi you better think twice you don’t want rap after me
So switch
N*ggas be hating me now that I’m rich
Pussy lil n*gga get off of my dick
Calling you nose because you getting picked
Lilo my n*gga cuz you getting stitched
Schoop a n*ggga through a back door
Dax only spitting facts though
N*ggas don’t know how to act though
2020 I’m coming for necks I’m like Nike the way I be coming for checks
I be right at yo THROAT like some STREP
Like a STAIRCASE my n*gga you best WATCH YO STEP
No gym but im finna flex
Killing songs with my n*gga LEX

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