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Versuri Davido – So Crazy ft. Lil Baby lyrics

So Crazy versuri Davido, Lil Baby

So crazy, yeah
My heart is breaking as we speak
I’m getting weaker ehnn
So crazy, yeah
So crazy, yeah yeah
I don dey call you for a week
You nor dey pick girl, yeah

So crazy, yeah yeah
So crazy, yeah yeah
My heart is breaking as we speak
I’m getting weaker ehnn
(My heart is heart is breaking a we speak)
So crazy
So crazy, yeah

Baby yehhh
Heartbreak after heartbreak
My chest pain got normal
I tried my best gave you my heart now I’m done
Summer time looking for a vibe
Then we tuck back through the sun
Cuban bussin with the rose gold
Going on the road gone for three mon
I’ve been holding on for too long
Everything I do is wrong
Thanks you tatted
But you can’t tell me nothing I’m wrong
I handle my business the right way I’m on
Now people can’t even need me on my phone
You just too crazy I know I’m not wrong
I probably break sing your favorite song
Do what I have too
Just stay in my zone
If you not with with me then leave me alone

Yeahhh, she no be regular
Regular, regular damager
Yes her body na massacre
As she dey make me dey gbasaga
You got me feeling blue something like Avatar
You make me want to sign you fire my manager
Yeah so I

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